Monthly Archives: September 2014

IMG_178011hr. Full Day Trip 09/05/2014
Ian Bertmaring hosts his bachelor party fishing trip with a group of former VT graduates. We had solid bottom fishing action pretty much all day. Ocean was a little rougher though than expected. Caught and released multiple amberjacks weighing up to 50lb. also caught and kept four baskets of triggerfish, seas bass, red porgies, white grunts and a limit of vermillion snapper.

IMG_1777Afternoon 5hr. 1/2 day 09/04/2014
Big Thanks to Mark Brandt,cic (national accounts sales manager) for setting up this trip for Grange Insurance Company. We had a calm ocean and the fish were biting!
They had their catch cooked for them at the Waters Edge Restaurant (right where we’re docked) when we got back in. Good fishing with a fresh catch for dinner, nothing better!

IMG_1771Afternoon 5hr. – 1/2 day – 8/31/2014
Jack Barnes and former fellow UVA graduates celebrate Jack’s upcoming marriage with a group bachelors fishing trip. Only thing some of them party just a little too hard the night before which makes the fishing part just a bit more difficult!