Ship Rules

It is the responsibility of all passengers to keep a hand on a handrail at all times throughout the trip . This vessel is fast and the reaction and motion can be quick. It is recommended that at any time while vessel is underway especially in rough seas or if you are having difficulty moving around to please remain seated. If at anytime while vessel is underway and you need to use the restroom and you are having difficulty in moving around please contact the mate or captain, so we can stop or slow the boat down. Our number one focus and responsibility is the safety and comfort of our passengers if there is anything we can do to improve on this please let us know, Thank You!

red snapper smCurrent 2015 Federal Snapper Grouper Fishing Regulations

All passengers and crew must abide by state and federal fishery laws and regulations. Fines can range up to $1000.00 for each violation. If you have any questions about the type and size requirements of fish, please ask one of the crew. We are checked frequently by law enforcement. The crew of this vessel will not be held responsible for any deception or fish kept illegally without our knowledge.


No Smoking Thank you

PLEASE! respect others with NO SMOKING inside the cabin.

The crew of this vessel is here to provide you with the best possible service and to try and make your trip safe and enjoyable.

The Coast Guard’s Official Position =
The Coast Guard has a long-standing policy that the use of drugs, including marijuana, is prohibited aboard U.S. vessels at any time by any person. Recent state changes have not affected this policy based on Federal Law.
Masters must report such activities by crew or passengers upon learning of the event to the USCG.
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